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Морская арбитражная комиссия

 Tamara Evgenievna

 Institute of the State and Law of the Russian Academy  of  Sciences, Chief of the Civil  Law, Civil and Arbitration  Procedure Sector, Doctor of Law,  Professor, Honoured Scholar of the Russian  Federation, Moscow

 (Russian, English)


 Mikhail Stanislavovich

 JSC "Arkhangelsk Sea Commercial Port", Head of Legal  Department, Arkhangelsk

 (Russian, English)

 Arkhipova, Anna  Grigoryevna  
 Research center of private law of S. S. Alexeev under  the President of Russian  Federation, consultant, Moscow  State Institute of International Relations, Associate  professor of the Chair of International Private and Civil  Law

(Russian, English, French, German) 

 Anatoliy Emelianovich

 International Maritime Law Association, Vice-President,  Candidate of  Law, Moscow 

 (Russian, English)

 Stanislav Pavlovich

 Auditor of the International Safety Managements (ISM)  Code, Master Mariner, Candidate  of Technics, Honoured  Worker of the Sea and Inland Transport, Moscow

 (Russian, English)

 Alexander Nikolaevich

 Deputy Chief of the National Maritime Politics  Commission, Council of Federation,  Federal Assembly of  the Russian Federation, Master Mariner, Moscow

 (Russian, English)

 Nickolai Romanovich

 LLC "Shipping company" Hudson", Deputy General  Director Legal, Vladivostok, 

 Candidate of Law, Doctor of Transport, Russian  Academy of Transport



 Dmitry Leonidovich

 Director of CIS Arbitration Forum, electronic analytical  think-tank, Chief Expert of  Arbitration and Mediation  Center at the Russian Chamber of Commerce and  Industry,  Candidate of Law

 (Russian, Belarusian, English, French, Italian)


 Sergey Anatolevich

 Research Center for Private Law at the President of the  Russian Federation,  Deputy Chairman of the Board,  Candidate of Law, Moscow

 (Russian, German)


 Piotr Anatoiievich

 "FortisJuris" Advocate Bureau, Partner, Candidate of  Law, Moscow

 (Russian, English)

 Dmitriy Borisovich

 Law Firm "Injurservice LLP", Partner, Moscow

 (Russian, English, German, French)


 Member of the London Maritime Arbitrators Association,  Arbitrator for Maritime and  Commercial Disputes,  Mediator, London, United Kingdom

 (English, French)


     Independent arbitrator, Finland, Doctor of Law

     (Finnish, Swedish, English)


 Elena Vitalevna

 Moscow State Institute of International Relations  (University), Private International  and Civil Law  Chair, Associate Professor, Candidate of Law, Moscow

 (Russian, English, French)

 Dmitry Valentinovich
 Head of ISM Department of Federal State Unitary  Enterprise "Atomflot"
 (Russian, English)

 Lilia Nikolaevna 
 "AKP Best Advice", Managing Partner, Candidate of Law
 (Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, French, Spanish,  Polish)

 Alexander Sergeevich

 All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade, Chief of the  Private Law Chair, Doctor of Law,  Professor, Moscow

 (Russian, English, German, Swedish)

 Alexei Aleksandrovich

 Moscow State Institute of International Relations  (University), International Private and  Civil Law Chair,  Chief, Candidate of Law, Professor, President of the  International  Commercial Arbitration Court, Moscow

 (Russian, English, Arabic, Lithuanian)

 Andrey Ivanovich

 Moscow State Institute of International Relations  (University), International Private and  Civil Law Chair,  Associate Professor, Candidate of Law,  "Injurservice LLP";  Partner, Moscow

 (Russian, English, German, French)

 Alexander Lvovich

 Private Law Research Center at the President of the  Russian Federation, First Deputy  Chairman of the  Council, Doctor of Law, Professor, Honoured Scholar of  the  RSFSR, Moscow

 (Russian, English, French)

 Vladimir Petrovich
Advocate, Murmansk Region

(Russian, English, Ukraine) 

 Natalia Georgievna

 All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade, Private Law  Chair, Professor, Candidate of Law,  Moscow

 (Russian, English)

 Anatoly Sergeevich

 Center of Trade Policy and Law, General  Director, Moscow

 (Russian, English, French)


 Vladimir Alexandrovich

 JSC "Sovcomflot", Deputy Director, Member of Board  of Directors, Member of Board of  Directors of  “Novoship”,  BIMCO Director, Member of Board of  Director of West of  England Insurance Club,  President of International  Maritime Law Association,  Moscow

 (Russian, English)

Vladimir Valentinovich

 LLC UBS Bank (Group UBS AG), Senior Lawyer of Legal  Department, Moscow

 (Russian, English, French)

 Alexander Igorevich

 Moscow State Institute of International Relations  (University), Private International and  Civil Law Chair,  Associate Professor, Candidate of Law, Advocate,  "Muranov, Chernyakov and Partners", Managing  Partner,  Moscow

 (Russian, English)

 Ivan Alekseevich

 Ingosstrakh Insurance Company, Head of Law  Department, Member of the Board,  Moscow

 (Russian, English, German)


 International independent arbitrator & mediator,  Chartered Arbitrator (CIArb), Warsaw, Poland

 (Polish, English, French, Russian, German, Italian)

 Nikolai Nikolaevich

 Moscow State Institute of International Relations  (University), International Private and  Civil Law Chair,  Associate Professor, Candidate of Law, Moscow

 (Russian, French, English)

 Sergei Vladimirovich

 Federal State Unitary Enterprise  "Rosmorport", Department of Navigation, Head, Master  Mariner, Moscow

 (Russian, English)

 Mikhail Yurievich

 Law Firm “Sokolov, Maslov & Partners”, Deputy General  Director, Moscow

 (Russian, English, German)

 Wim Albert

 “Timmermans and Simons", International Business  Lawyers, Leiden, the Netherlands

 (Dutch, English, Russian, French, German)

 Valery Alexandrovich

 Deputy Director General in Shipping, Master Mariner,  Head of Ship Operating Dept.,  DPA/CSO & Marine  Surveyor, "Orange Marine Co., Ltd.", r, Vladivostok

 (Russian, English)


 Sergey Vladimirovich

 Moscow State Institute of International Relations,  Associate Professor of the Department  of International  Private and Civil Law, Partner of the Westside Law Firm

 (Russian, English, French)

 Alexander Nikolaevich

 Moscow State Institute of International Relations  (University), Chair of International Law,  Head, Doctor of  Law, Professor, Member of Academic Expert Council for  the Maritime  Collegiums under the Government  of Russia,Moscow

 (Russian, English, French)


 Aleksey Nikolayevich

 Private Law Research Center. S.S. Alexeyev under the  President of the Russian  Federation, head of the private  international law department; "Bulletin of International  Commercial Arbitration", editor-in-chief, Candidate of  Law
 Ivan Semenovich
 Russian Foreign Trade Academy, Professor of the Chair  of Private International Law,  Doctor of Law, Professor

(Russian, English, French, German)