Морская арбитражная комиссия

Maritime Arbitration Commission at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

Здание ТПП.jpgEstablished in 1930, Maritime Arbitration Commission (MAC) became the first permanent arbitration institution to emerge in this country, and it now ranks among the world’s oldest maritime arbitration institutions.

MAC was originally founded solely for consideration of the disputes arising out of salvation of the shipping and cargos on the sea. Nowadays the Commission hears both the traditional disputes from the contracts of carriage, affreightment of vessels, marine insurance, rescue, collision between seagoing vessels, fishing operations, and the disputes incidental with the broker and agency contracts, repairing of the vessels, vessel management, the realization of the trades and many other forms of relationships which appear in the area of the trade maritime traffic.

Since 1999 MAC is a member of the Federation of Commercial Arbitration Institutions.

The new Regulations on organisational principles of MAC activityRules and list of MAC arbitrators came into force on 27 January 2017. The list of MAC arbitrators includes outstanding legal scholars, practicing lawyers and sea masters.

The companies related to merchant shipping have solid grounds to include in their contracts the arbitration clause referring the arising disputes to the MAC which is an internationally recognized arbitration center providing impartial and qualified resolution of the maritime disputes.